Organic Chia Seeds


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Chia seeds are the ultimate multi-tasker. These nutrient-rich seeds have an amazing amount of versatility. 1 tablespoon of chia seeds mixed with 2 ½ tablespoons come together to make an incredible vegan substitute for one egg.


  • Powerful Antioxidants: Antioxidants may protect your cells from free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and trigger aging, but antioxidants can slow down or prevent that damage.


  • Strengthen Bones: Receive some of your recommended daily allowance of calcium in a serving of chia seeds, which also contain trace amounts of magnesium and phosphorous so that you get the most out of your calcium!


  • Omega-3: Including chia seeds in your daily diet is an easy way to get important omega-3 fatty acids to support brain health.


  • Versatility: Chia seeds are incredibly versatile, from salads to soups to smoothies, but they can be beneficial to skin health as well. Make a homemade facial mask for a powerful tool that soothes inflammation and keeps skin radiant


  • Loaded with powerful antioxidants
  • Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Good source of clean protein
  • Healthy source of calcium & iron
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Great source of fiber
  • Nutritious recipe addition
  • Vegan egg substitute/binding agent
  • Adds bulk and texture to your sauces and soups



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